SEO for Law Firms – Investment worth taking?

SEO for Law Firms – Investment worth taking?

Law Firm SEO – How to avoid frustration and waste your investment!

If you’re a law firm in the process of employing a Search Engine Optimisation agency, or you work directly with a SEO supplier that your law office is presently engaged with, this post is for you.

So if you want to know more about SEO for law firms keep reading for the definitive guide.

It’s 2020 therefore most law practices do not need not be persuaded the worth of seo. That is to claim, many divorce lawyers understand the value of appearing on Google’s first page when someone in their city searches “divorce lawyer.”

Nonetheless, law firms can often be fairly poor when employing and collaborating with SEO firms. At my company, Manchester SEO, 70% of our existing customers came to us after leaving one or more previous Search Engine Optimisation firms.

While you may be tempted to blame this massive level of churn on inferior SEO businesses (and we know a couple ourselves), I have actually come to find that law practices regularly get essential things incorrect when they buy Search Engine Optimisation services, whether it be their choice of service provider, their assumptions, their operations, or their procedure for dealing with brand-new leads that SEO creates.

These blunders cause irritation, spin, and most importantly, a bad return on their SEO financial investment (ROI).

For this blog post, I’ve drawn on our experience as a winning SEO service, SEO organisation and prospering as well as failing to carrying out efficient law practice SEO campaigns, to assist you in the process of employing the best SEO supplier, and also get out of the way of your very own success once you do.

Return on Investment in SEO

How to Prevent Losing Money on Your SEO Financial investment

Rule no.1 – Do not tell your SEO agency what you want them to do; tell them what you wish to achieve.
Rule no.2 – Treat your Search Engine Optimisation company like a companion, not a vendor.

Have a system for successfully reacting to and registering brand-new leads.
Understand that your ROI for the SEO services you have bought must be made from a placement of stability, and your assumptions should not be outrageous.

Before shooting, ah hemm, apologies “FIRING” your current SEO provider and also working with a brand-new one, “raise your issues“.

Know that you don’t have to spend the very same amount on SEO forever.
Employ an SEO company that does not suck a**.
While I was drafting this blog post I actually intended to avoid over this point, since “no sh * t,” but it’s important so I needed to keep it in.

Very Important:

There are some law firm SEO companies around that simply aren’t efficient in finishing the job for you. To weed them out, try to find the following in the 1st meeting:

  1. They can plainly articulate what Search Engine Optimisation success will look like for your law office
  2. They can plainly articulate just how they actually create that success, without utilising words like “ninja” or “secret sauce” or “juice”.
  3. Do they take a consultative strategy to selling instead of trying to pack you right into a one-size-fits-all campaign.
  4. They can provide multiple happy-client referrals.
  5. They can point you to real-world examples of their work, as well as you are impressed by the high quality.
  6. Their site is of a premium quality and also rates well in internet search engine for relevant key phrases.
  7. They have greater than a couple of positive online evaluations.
  8. Their costs and guarantees aren’t too excellent to be true.
  9. This list will aid you know whether a given Search Engine Optimisation agency depends on the job of succeeding for your law firm.

The best method to discover an excellent Search Engine Optimization firm for your firm is the same as the best method to hire a lawyer; get an individual recommendation from somebody you know who collaborates with a SEO agency that they enjoy with.

If that’s not a choice, use the second best option (hopefully, the choice your potential new customers will certainly quickly be locating you): Google it. As soon as you locate a few solid prospects, speak and also get proposals from them, and then compare your experience with each against the checklist above.

Don’t tell your Search Engine Optimisation firm what you want them to do; tell them what you want to achieve!

If you’re a personal injury lawyer, you recognise that your client has information that can help enormously in presenting an engaging disagreement for problems. You understand that open communication as well as details sharing in between you and also your client is essential. However you additionally recognise that you don’t require them to dictate the specifics of the need letter or the prose in your closing disagreement.

This circumstance is no different than it is with your SEO supplier. Tell them what you intend to attain. Explain the problems you are having. Give them understanding right into the procedures of your law office and also the most usual concerns encountered by your customers. But also for benefits benefit, do not tell them what changes they must make to your website’s LINK structure.

Business partnership

Treat your Search Engine Optimization company like a partner, not a vendor.

When you employ a SEO business to work with your law firm, you are inquiring to do something that’s truly not easy: To create, as if from slim air, brand-new lucrative service possibilities for your company.

Just like anything that’s useful, achieving this will certainly call for determined human beings that care deeply about your objectives.

In my experience, the dumbest thing lawyers can do when they work with a SEO business is to develop a patronage relationship.

I realise this is difficult for lots of law firms to accept. Besides, technically, it is a patronage connection. The law practice pays the Search Engine Optimisation supplier for a solution.

It is reasonable to feel that just by way of turning over your money that your Search Engine Optimisation firm owes you their best shots in the direction of your goals, and I definitely agree with this.

Yet the goal below isn’t to beat your Search Engine Optimization into entry by indicating the last check you reduced. No. The objective is to obtain the most out of them.

How do you get the most out of humans? By forming a connection in which customer as well as service provider are equal partners in a shared undertaking.

I can say from personal experience that I have actually always done my best work for customers who are effective at making me seem like I belong in their team, not simply an employee bee from whom they anticipate a particular amount of result. So how do you attain this in practice? It’s not so hard:.

SEO services for law firms

Before firing your current SEO provider and hiring a new one, escalate your concerns.

It is expensive to switch SEO companies. Not only does it require your time and energy researching and vetting new SEO companies, but when a new company takes over they will likely charge you a large up front fee which essentially covers the time they need to formulate a strategy and learn a whole bunch of things about your firm and your market that your current SEO provider already knows.

Before you fire your current law firm SEO provider, you should escalate your concerns, and communicate clearly your issues and your expectations.

As someone who runs an SEO agency for attorneys, I can tell you that sometimes the wrong people are assigned to a project. Whether it’s that they don’t have the right skill set or experience for the client, or that they just have incompatible personalities or styles, mismatches happen.

But the good news is that, if you’re with a reputable law firm SEO provider, they almost certainly have other folks on their team who can take over your project and help bring things up to your standards and expectations.

I’m not just saying this because clients have fired me too quickly and I’m sad about it (though that has happened). I’ve also taken on new clients who I felt fired their previous SEO provider too quickly! While there is certainly a time to move on, it’s in your best interest to exhaust your options with your current legal SEO provider before taking on the time and costs involved with jumping ship.

Know that you don’t have to spend the same amount on SEO forever.
This is something very few of the law firm SEO agencies you speak with will admit: You don’t have to invest the same high amount on SEO continually and indefinitely.

Unlike “PPC” methods of online advertising, the benefits from an investment in organic SEO don’t vanish when you stop spending money.

The truth is, competent execution of a strategic SEO campaign over the course of 12, 18, or 24 months (depending on where you are starting from) can continue to bear fruit for years after you stop investing in SEO.

At Manchester SEO we’ve invested a lot into our own SEO. That is to say, we’ve researched and optimised for topics that our potential clients are searching on, we’ve written a lot of quality content on those topics, we’ve built links to that content, and we’ve updated it periodically as needed.

However, we don’t “do SEO” at that same rate at all times. We often go long stretches where the nature of our business challenges or workload means that we spend less time and energy on our own SEO. Might our site be even more valuable as a lead generator if we constantly invested in SEO at the same rate? Of course.

But the point is, because of the nature of SEO, we have the freedom to shift our resources to other areas when it makes sense, without having to fear that our previous SEO investment will be wasted.

After you’ve invested in SEO for a period of time, and you are seeing strong results, ask your SEO provider something like, what should I expect to happen if I cut my SEO investment in half for the next 12 months? If they tell you that all the gains you’ve made will be lost, they are probably lying to you.

Cutting back your spend on SEO is a far better option than firing your SEO agency altogether, and a reputable SEO provider will help work with you to determine a scope of services that will both maintain your SEO results, and help you shift resources elsewhere, if that’s what’s best for your business.


I run an SEO agency because I was let down (“ripped off”) by a number of SEO agencies.

Contact Us for a chat to discuss your online objectives and we shall give you the honesty and results you deserve!